Venetian Plaster

* What is Venetian plaster?

Imagine a wall or a ceiling that appears to be made out of polished marble! Smooth as glass to the touch, this beautiful finish catches the light creating elegant highlights, adding warmth and visual interest to any room.

Venetian plaster loves natural light. You’ll be amazed at how this finish responds throughout the day! It’s also highly effective with wall sconces or pot lights, but any lighting source within a room or an office space will bring Venetian plaster to life.

A potlight can also showcase a Venetian plaster wall, as shown in this example from Bogdan's Renos

* Wow, it really does look like stone. Is it heavy?

Venetian plaster is only as heavy as a few extra coats of paint, so any surface that you would paint can be transformed into this luxurious look. Feature walls and vaulted ceilings can become stunning showcases with this gorgeous addition. Venetian plaster is not recommended for high humidity areas like showers or swimming pools. Other than that, look around your living space and imagine the possibilities!

Bogdan Iles, owner of Bogdan's Renos, puts the finishing touches on a new Venetian plaster wall

* How do they do it?

Bogdan Iles, owner of Bogdan’s Renos, was trained in Spain by a master of this technique, and the special tools required to finish this surface are brought in directly from Italy. The application process takes place in two stages and requires multiple coats of thinly layered plaster applied with meticulous strokes that impart the stunning look of polished stone. These strokes require an artistic eye and a sure hand. Years of experience in this technique make Bogdan’s work unique, while the Italian finishing tools impart the high gloss finish. Without these tools, the results will not be nearly as spectacular.

If you think you’ve seen Venetian plaster before and weren’t amazed and captivated, you really need to see the difference that comes from an experienced artisan like Bogdan Iles, trained in this traditional artform by European experts.

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A finished Venetian plaster wall, with beautiful highlights of reflected light